Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – March 16, 2021

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting at the Municipal building.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich, and Doug Smith, Zoning officer Bob Sanders, Marissa King, Dave Franz, Dusty Stockdale, Greg Dunn, Marty Finch, Glen Crouse, Randy Hamilton, Tim Hamilton, Sam Bartolotto, Rick & Val Sanders and Solicitor Bill Hook.

Meeting was called to order at 7:32

Motion by Smith to accept minutes from last meeting as read.  2nd by Dietrich,  All agreed.

The restroom has been installed and is usable.  The sidewalk still needs to be poured.

Road report read.

The subject of the Pie Ridge damage was brought up by Smith. Dave has a meeting with Range on the subject on Thursday. Marty said there was a semi truck on Pie Ridge tonight that almost ran a resident off the road.

On the subject of monument moving, there was a bid from D Moore & Son for $1,300.  He stated that his insurance would cover any damage that would occur if he is involved in the moving.  Dietrich suggested that we get a written agreement before deciding. Quote will be confirmed at the next meeting.

Range Resources was originally scheduled to attend the meeting but were not in attendance.  Bill Hook spoke with the Range General Council, Bryan Root, and was given an email address and phone number that residents could use to get in contact with them with any questions or concerns they have.  That information is available in the township office and will be posted on the web site.

Attorney Hook and Smith discussed conversations with Dennis Makel, Matt Junker and Brian Root.

Hook talked about what he discussed with Root about issues with using the road to and from the impoundment site, such as truck speed, blackout periods, notifying land owners, escorts, security, etc.. He will have further discussion with Root tomorrow.  Hook also suggested that it would be more effective if residents would contact Range with issues as well as the township. Also, that it might be a good idea to require truck driver to have a copy of the Heavy Hauling agreement on the truck with them and making that a part of the agreement.

Randy said he thinks that the using of pipes to move water out of the township should be brought before the Zoning Hearing Board and should be appealable to residents of the township.

Hook discussed conditional use hearings, applications, and hearings.  A copy of the Strawn impoundment conditional use hearing transcript will be provided to Hook. There was further discussion on procedure to make appeals to enforcement of conditions of the agreement, as well as discussion of the conditions.  Hook restated that the zoning ordinances of the Township should be updated.

In New Business:  Randy asked if the board was interested in a resolution to have the board increased to five members. None of the supervisors were interested in doing that at this time. Smith said he would like to look into it further. Randy presented petition and said he would need 32.8 signatures. He will try to get it on the ballot in the fall. There was discussion about the minutes and the web site.  Marty looked for the minutes from February and they were not there. It was probably that Pam had not sent them in to Mike yet.

The park mowing was discussed.  Smith stated that he does not have any prices on mowers yet so we might as well go ahead and hire out the mowing this year and look into purchasing a mower next year.  Motion by Dietrich to hire Gene Crouch to mow this year for $250 per mowing.   2nd by Smith. All agreed.

Rick Sanders requested the township put up Christmas decorations.  There was a discussion on how we would get them on the poles. It will be looked into.

Smith inquired about the plaques/certificates. Pam found some and we will check on the time for shipping and arrange to have Sam Zoeller at a meeting to receive the award.

Motion by Smith to review and pay bills, second by Sanders.  All agreed. 

Marty thanked the road crew for putting up 35 mph signs.

Meeting adjourned at 8:49