Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2018

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the municipal building for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Bud and Fern Miller, Carl Sanders, Doug Stockdale, Randy Hamilton and Dusty Stockdale.

Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.  Minutes of the previous meeting were read, and a correction was made.  Dietrich stated that the size of a proposed building for the storage of salt and cold patch has not yet been determined.  Motion by Sanders, second by Smith to approve the minutes with the correction.

In old business, Bud and Fern Miller of Dille Run Road presented the Hutchinson & Reynolds Subdivision #1 that contains 0.684 acres that shows it being z-lined onto the Miller property.  The Miller’s had an easement through that property for their driveway and they are now purchasing that portion of the property.  Secretary Lesnock spoke with Tom Wright of the Washington County Sewage Council and Wright confirmed no planning module was necessary and no non-building waiver was necessary as the parcel is in a flood zone and too near the road for any septic system to be permitted.  Therefore, it is not considered buildable.  Also, as it is z-lined onto the Miller property, the 0.684 acre of land is not deemed a “lot”. It was already reviewed by the Washington County Planning Commission and the Morris Township Planning Commission.  Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to approve and sign the Hutchinson & Reynolds Subdivision #1.  All agreed.

Regarding the Hathaway property, Smith would like to see the township go through with the demolition of the property.  The Regional Police department can again notify the Hathaways and we can get updated demolition bids.  Paul Whitmer is interested in bidding the demo project. After some discussion, motion by Smith, second by Sanders to take all necessary means to follow through with the demolition and have Solicitor Hook draw up the notice.  All agreed.

Doug Smith spoke with Moreland Vault.  There has been no new names of Veterans Roy Anderson and Clark Miller added to the Viet Nam monument.  Moreland Vault was paid in May and in July for the etchings.  Moreland Vault told Smith they were waiting for good weather.  When he told them that it was last year in good weather when we paid for it, they told Smith they would look into this.

Gateway Engineers sent Morris Township a map showing where the proposed above ground water line would go from the Strawn Impoundment.  Randy Hamilton looked at the map and concluded that it was proposed to go over private land and through the Annawanna Boy Scout Camp to make its way to the Amwell Township well site.  Range still has to apply for a new conditional use to do such a project as it was not within the scope of the first conditional use they received from Morris Township.  Range Resources stated that the only wells the Strawn Impoundment would be used for were located within Morris Township, Washington County and the Kearney Well in Amwell Township.

Bill Toohey of Mark West told Dave Dietrich that they would be constructing a gas pipeline from the Castro well site in Morris Township to the Kleinhans well site in South Franklin Township. Bill Toohey told Dietrich that the Pie Ridge Road crossing site has been marked by pink ribbons.  Dietrich has not seen them yet.  Mark West will have to obtain a road crossing permit from Morris and also obtain a excess weight maintenance agreement with Morris.

Regarding Consol’s request to use Pie Ridge to haul some loads of materials from Archer Portal construction site, Consol never told the township when the material move was anticipated.  An excess weight maintenance agreement is necessary.

Secretary Lesnock is to advertise for a Supervisors workshop on Wednesday March 14 at 9:00 A.M., to discuss creating an employee manual. 

Sanders said the proposed storage building they are looking into would need to have 4 or 5 bays, be 3 sided with the front open.  It would need facia but no overhang.  It’s possible that it could cost between 30,000 to 35,000.  It would be constructed at our 4572 Prosperity Pike site.  Sanders said he will ask about having a plan and spec sheet created so that each bidder would be bidding on the same building.  After some discussion, motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to have someone draw up a simple plan and specs so that the building can be bid.  All agreed. 

In new business, John Zoellar complained about garbage being strewn along Dry Run Road and now it is blowing into his cattle fields.  Secretary Lesnock emailed Matt Petrovich of Consol about this matter.

Sanders would like to pursue a possible grant that could pay for a portion of the cost of a new walking trail around the park.  He measured the distance and it is 2400 feet.  The area of the walking trail that would be located within the flood zone would have to be paved so that It wouldn’t wash away.  Other ideas were wood chips or sand in the remaining walking trail area.  Sanders will talk with someone at Amity Asphalt to get an idea of what it could cost.  Much discussion on this matter ensued.  In other park matters, new playground wood chips are needed, and the playground equipment needs to be inspected.  Hamilton felt we could place a questionnaire on our website to ask residents their opinions about this.   

Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to review and pay bills.  Motion by Sanders, second by Dietrich to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary