Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2020

Supervisors met at the township building for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Glenn Crouse.  Supervisor Dave Dietrich was absent from the meeting.

Meeting called to order by Chairman Sanders at 7:30pm.  Pledge to Flag.

Minutes from last meeting read and accepted as read.  Motion by Sanders, second by Smith.

In Old Business, The Harshman estimate letter for the Lemon Hill slide was brought up by Sanders.  Randy Hamilton, who requested the report was not present so it will be given to him at a later date. Smith stated he is still skeptical about the quote figures.  Discussion ensued.   Bob Sanders suggested maybe Harshman should come and tell us himself.   Discussion about the chart of costs from the January 21st meeting.

Regarding the job vacancy, we received eight applications and will be interviewing 5 people tomorrow. Smith asked for road report.  There was some snow plowing and maintenance on trucks, nothing major to report.  Smith asked for it in writing for the next meeting.

All audits are complete, fire dept, tax collector and township.

Sanders received two bids for a 20’ trailer, 15,000lb GVW.  Tom’s equipment bid was $5,056 total and Stephenson Equipment bid was $6,400.

Discussion about who would sign for purchases. Discussion about other trailers.

Motion by Sanders to purchase trailer from Tom’s. Second by Smith.  Motion passes.

In New Business, Pam got a new quote on the Verizon phone service, which is currently $458 a month.  She got a quote on a bundled package with a two year commitment at a cost of $186 a month.   Discussion about eliminating a line and maybe combining the fire line and the fax line.  Pam will check on that.  Motion by Smith to change the phone plan to the cheaper one after checking on the combining of lines.  Second by Sanders. Motion passed.

Discussion about Verizon and cell towers.

Smith brought up the idea of bringing back a time clock for the hourly employees to punch in.  Sanders stated there has not been a time clock since he started. The one that was at the fire house hasn’t worked in a long time.  Smith stated if we can afford equipment, we can afford a time clock.

Smith also proposed a resolution on returning to having only one Roadmaster at a time.  It would take effect by attrition, when one of the current supervisor/roadmasters either retires or is not voted in again as supervisor.  Smith feels that just because it is past practice, it doesn’t mean we need two roadmasters, he feels we really only need one person in charge.   Will reintroduce idea when Dietrich is present at next meeting.

Discussion on employee cost(wages/benefits), bidding out jobs and the cost of jobs. 

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills. Second by Smith.

Motion by Sanders, second by Smith.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30 

Respectfully Submitted,
Pam Bartolotto, Secretary