Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – December 17, 2019

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township meeting room for their regular scheduled meeting.

Present were supervisors Dave Dietrich, Rob Sanders, Doug Smith, Bob Sanders, Tom Hewitt of PA Soil & Rock, Marissa King, Pam Bartolotto, Randy Hamilton.

Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Smith added that he said (about agenda) if there are known items to discuss, that is fine, but he does not want to limit discussion and action to only agenda items. Correction to previous minutes that price for F350 did not include spreader or plow. Motion by Sanders to approve minutes with corrections, second by Smith.

In old business, copies of road occupancy permit for Dry Run and Cabin roads were presented by Tom Hewitt, who’s company is working with People’s Natural Gas to replace gas lines due to mining. A DEP Municipal notification form signed by supervisors was needed to begin the work on schedule. Forms were signed by chairman Sanders. A check for the permit fee will be sent. Lines will be above ground while active mining is going on and will be buried after completion.

A letter was prepared by Secretary Lesnock to the Watt family that the car on township property needs to be removed within 10 days. The letter was reviewed by supervisors and will be sent.

Sanders stated that El Grande paving will not be done until spring.

Regarding the V plow, Kathy stated that it can only be given to a select nonprofit or it must be put out for bid to the highest bidder.

The Lemon Hill slip was declared an emergency by the township engineer to expedite stone purchase for repair. Repair was started December 5 or 6. It is just about finished. The township received $40,000 from Consol to put toward stone for road slip repair.

The township was awarded up to an extra $10,000 by DCNR for the double vault restroom to be used for professional services in addition to the original $40,000.

A legal opinion was received by the township solicitor about the salaries road employees who are also elected officials and how they are determined by the auditors. A copy will be given to each auditor and will be attached to minute book.

There was a question from Smith about the cost of the spreader and plow for the F350. The pricing on the plow and spreader Co Star. The plow is $6,017 and the spreader is $6,300, bringing the total cost to around $60,000: under the $70,000 budget amount.

Secretary Lesnock spoke to solicitor, who said there will not be enough time to have a CPA do an audit for this year. Supervisors can vote to have one done by a CPA for 2020. Smith said he would like to hear from the auditors as to whether they would like to hire a CPA to do the audit. The auditors can discuss at their reorganization meeting on Jan 7 and give their opinion.

The budget has been advertised and available to the public. Mills will remain the same at .730, with .486 mills general, .122 mills equipment fund, .122 for the fire dept.

Motion by Dietrich to adopt resolution #2 of 2019 and approve 2020 budget. Second by Smith. 2020 budget adopted.

New business: On December 2, 2019, a notification was received by the township from the law firm of Loughren, Loughren and Laughren about an accident in January of 2018, which was blamed on icy conditions on Dry Run Rd. The township solicitor stated that the township has to be notified within six months of the accident. Time cards for that day were checked and all township roads were plowed and cindered that day. Integrated Risk Management was notified and stated that the notification was not given in the specified time frame to there will be no liability to the township.

Dietrich stated that the slip on Minton Run will be fixed when Lemon Hill is complete if conditions permit.

Motion by Dietrich to review and pay bills, second by Smith.

Secretary Lesnock was presented a plaque for 30 years of service.

Motion to adjourn by Sanders, second by Smith. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lesnock, Secretary