Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – August 18, 2020

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met for their regular scheduled meeting at the municipal building.   Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich and Doug Smith, Zoning officer Bob Sanders, Planning Commission member Bob Franz, Dale & Kathy Leech, Greg Dunn, Marissa King, Randy Hamilton.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30. 

Motion by Sanders to accept the previous meeting minutes as read.  Second by Smith.

In old business, Sanders talked to Bruce Livingood, who agreed to help with moving the monuments.

The restroom grant paperwork is being finished up. The building will take 90-120 days to build after it has been ordered. 

The park rules still need to be finalized.  Supervisors will look over sample list given by Soiicitor.

On the Palombine issue, Smith thinks the magistrate is the best recourse at this time. The Eddys said they have things to say but can’t make it to this meeting.    

We’re waiting on info on the zoning consolidation.      

Smith brought some info on community owned broadband.  Pam will check it out.

In new business, Bob Franz spoke on behalf of the planning commission.  Bob Price, chair of the commission has passed away and he has some replacements in mind.  Dale Leech was told about it by Shelby Bamberger, was present at the meeting and expressed interest.  Motion by Sanders, 2nd by Smith.  All agreed.

Resignation letter from Auditor Catherine Addleman was read by Sanders.  Supervisors hate to see her go as she has been a long time auditor who everybody likes. 

Jennifer Dunn expressed interest in being an auditor to Sanders in the past and is willing to serve.  Motion by Sanders to appoint Jennifer Dunn to serve in Kak’s place.   Smith stated that he doesn’t know enough about Jennifer Dunn to make a decision at this point and he would like to look into it before he votes.  He would like to see if there are any other candidates but stated that Sanders and Dietrich can make their own decision.  Dietrich stated that he feels if we find someone who is interested and capable, we should.  2nd by Dietrich to appoint Jennifer Dunn.  Smith abstained from the vote.

The zoning hearing board met to hear the variance request from Dale and Kathy Leech for their garage.

Variance was approved.

Marissa King stated that she works as a clerk on Wednesday morning.  The State Tax Collectors Association has recommended no office hours during COVID.  Someone saw that she was here on Wednesday and stopped in to pay their taxes.  She wanted to state on the record that she clocked out, took the taxes then clocked back in when she was finished with tax business.   She asked the supervisors if they were ok with that if it happens again.  Smith, Dietrich and Sanders all said that they don’t have any problem with it and that they feel she will do the right thing.

Bids are out for the Weir Cole project.  They will be opened on the 21st.

Randy asked when the temporary employee will be done working.  Sanders and Dietrich both said they think it is the end of October. 

Dale Leech asked if there is ever extra dirt from any jobs, he could use some for his garage.  Sanders said if we need a place to dump some, we can take it there.

Motion to review and pay bills by Sanders, 2nd by Smith.  All agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto/Secretary