Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – September 18, 2018

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township meeting room for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Planning Commission member Randy Hamilton, Carl Sanders and Officer Will DeForte. Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.  Minutes of the previous meeting were read.  Motion by Sanders, second by Smith to approve the minutes as read.

In old business, the previously scheduled hand gun handling and safety class for residents 18 years of age and over was cancelled due to lack of interest.  A few residents requested that a gun safety class for younger kids be held and some residents wanted a more intense class that would deal with conceal carry laws and rights.  Officer DeForte felt the classes could be broken down into a 2 hour gun safety class for those under the age of 18 and a 2 hour conceal carry workshop.  The classes would run back to back on the same day. Officer DeForte will let Secretary Lesnock know the date and time.

Officer DeForte summarized the August 2018 police activity report.  They recently hired & trained a new police officer.  

At 7:45 P.M. the supervisors opened the sealed bids for the scratch coat paving project.  1)  Force Incorporated, $68,244.56.  2) El Grande $70,747.80.  3) Hilltop $77,500.00.  4)  Ten Mile Paving $72,946.00. 5) Morgan Excavating $71,515.00.  Motion by Dietrich, second by Sander to award Force Incorporated low bid $68,244.56.  All agreed.

The Dry Run Road slip repair work began on Monday Sept 17 and Rob stated the contractor should be done in the next day or two. Widmer Engineering will give the township their opinion about the Lemon Hill and Harvey Road slips.  Bells Lake was reprofiled and township is waiting for road to dry out from recent rains and then will oil and chip road. 

The demolition of the dilapidated Hathaway house and barn was completed by APEX, and property has been seeded and mulched. Secretary Lesnock will inquire how to lien the property to recoup the demo cost.  Carl Sanders said we should be able to recoup attorney fees and any legal mailings or advertisements too.  Lesnock will ask about this.  

Randy Hamilton inquired about the employee handbook the supervisors have been working on.  Sanders indicated it is still in the works but that it is close to being completed.  Hamilton also stated he doesn’t believe the Greene County Regional Police are living up to their contract.  Much discussion ensued over this issue.  Sanders spoke to a second man concerning a proposal for a possible salt/cold patch storage shed and was told that the info would be sent out last week. Sanders stated we have not received anything.  Also, work on the park pavilion will begin within a month. 

Two “No Engine Brake” signs still need to be ordered by Road Crew for Conger Road.  Moreland Vault has never sent us the reimbursement of $650.00 for the etching of the veteran’s marker that they never did. 

Supervisors reviewed the added conditions that Hook added per the supervisor’s request for the CNX Compressors Station.  Smith noted that his condition that was verbally agreed upon by Andrew Kinter of CNX was not in the conditions.  Secretary Lesnock is to contact Solicitor Hook to add, after the fifth compressor has been completed the units will be housed in a metal structure.  The structure will be completed within one year of the fifth compressor unit completion. Discussion ensued.

In new business, Secretary Lesnock presented the Supervisors with the 2019 Minimal Municipal Obligation Worksheet (MMO) for the PMRS Morris Township Pension Plan. 

Supervisors signed the Installment & Maintenance Agreement for holding tank between Thomas Coffield and Morris Township for the installation of a commercial septic holding tank to be installed at Coffield Automotive.

Dietrich will be obtaining an estimate from Williams Tree Service for the removal some very large trees on the following roads. Elwood Day (3 trees), Covered Bridge (2 trees), Harvey Road (1 tree). Williams has done previous tree removal work on Bells Lake Road and Weir Cole and the twp has been satisfied in the past with his work. He will get back to us with his estimate.

Randy Locy of Park Drive is requesting a school bus sign be posted on Prosperity Pike where their children board of school bus.  Traffic travels too fast and there are times he fears a truck or car will hit the children or the bus.  Secretary will send request to Penn DOT for a study and request a school bus sign.

Motion by Dietrich, second by Sanders to review and pay bills.  Motion by Sanders, second by Smith to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 9:04 P.M. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary