Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – October 3, 2017

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors David Stockdale, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Carl Sanders, Tom & Janet Coffield.

Chairman Stockdale called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.  Minutes of the previous meeting were read.  One correction was made. Sentence should have stated “township would have to maintain the mirror” Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to approve the minutes as corrected. All agreed.

Chairman Stockdale went into new business first.  Tom & Janet Coffield currently operate a vehicle repair and inspection garage under a conditional use through Ordinance #2 of 2010.  They are interested in selling vehicles at their business.  However, Ordinance #2 of 2010 does not include “vehicle sales” in Section 1 that relates to vehicle repairs, body work and detailing.  Coffield would like to request a Zoning Hearing for a variance request because it is important to him.  After much discussion, Coffield was told that he must go before the Morris Township Planning Commission first for their recommendation of his request.  In a separate matter, Coffield stated that he would like to pursue having little league baseball again in Morris Township. Coffield was told to contact Tim McCann for information on little league. 

In old business, the township signs have been partially completed by Kurt’s Signs of Claysville.  Site for new sign has been prepared at the park entrance.  The township received a temporary occupancy certificate from Building Code Official Vince Alfieri.  There are some items still needing completed before the township receives the final occupancy certificate.  The Redevelopment Authority is withholding about $400,000.00 from Waller Corporation until everything has been completed as specified. Also, Tim Fritz has not yet installed the security cameras.  Secretary to contact him and find out timeline for installation. Also, the phone system has not been installed yet.

Dietrich stated that all the road slip repair work has been completed. As James Wilson was hired as a temporary operator/laborer for the slip repair work, Stockdale asked if Dietrich could still use a temporary employee for any other work.  Dietrich stated we might need help moving to the new building, or mowing.  Smith questioned paying $20.00 an hour for Wilson to help us move or to mow.  Motion by Stockdale, second by Dietrich to continue with Jim Wilson as a Temporary employee on an as needed basis. 

Regarding the previous Conditional Use request for the expansion of wells to be serviced by the Strawn Impoundment, as Range Resources withdrew that request after the hearing was continued, Smith made a motion to close the hearing with a second by Stockdale, due to Range Resources withdrawing the Conditional Use request.

The township has not received any feedback from Penn DOT regarding the request of a convex mirror at the intersection of Sparta Road and Prosperity Pike within the village of Prosperity.

Motion by Smith, second by Stockdale to review and pay bills.  Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:52 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary