Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – October 20, 2020

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met for their regular scheduled meeting at the Morris Township Municipal Building.  Attending were Supervisors Dave Dietrich, Rob Sanders & Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Glenn Crouse, Randy Hamilton, Tim & Janet Hamilton, Jennifer Dunn, Bob Silvers, Dave Franz, Jim Roberts, Aileen Smith, Jeff Mooney.  Meeting was called to order at 7:30pm.

Motion by Chairman Sanders to accept the minutes from the Oct. 6 meeting as read, 2nd by Smith, all agreed.

In Old Business: The Weir Cole project is complete.  The park restrooms are being built. 

New Business: Smith made a motion to adopt resolution #2 stating that there will be only one Road Master in the township at any time, to be reappointed annually at reorganization meeting, occurring through attrition so as to not effect current Road Masters.

2nd by Dietrich, all agreed.

Dave Franz explained the health insurance options for the Twp employees. To keep the current plan, the cost would increase over 24%.   The options to not increase the premiums are to either have the employees contribute to the cost of insurance or to get a higher deductible plan.  Pam brought up an idea that was used in another township where the employees have an allowance through the township to cover their deductible, therefore lowering the premium and also helping the employees with the cost of the premium.  Motion made by Sanders to purchase the Gold PPO, 1000 deductible with allowance for employees. Second by Smith, all agreed.

Randy Hamilton requested a motion be made for the employees to contribute to the plan. Motion made by Smith that the employees contribute 10% of the plan cost. No second. Randy also asked for the township to stop paying for dental insurance. Smith disagreed, stating that dental is very important and should be covered.

On the Palombine/Falosk/Eddy situation, the magistrate will only allow one person on a citation so a separate citation will have to be filed for each person so we will file two.

A resident called requesting a balloon release at the park.  Discussion on whether we will allow a balloon release and if they should be charged for the use of the park.  It was determined that a balloon release would be permitted and we would only charge if they were planning to stay for any amount of time.

Bob Silvers had information about ClearFiber, a fiber optics company that might bring service to Prosperity.  They ask residents to go to the site and take the survey to show interest and if there is enough, they will bring the lines to us.  Pam will put info on the web site, on the store and the post office.

The PMRS audit for 2016,17,18 and 19 was done recently and we need to pass a resolution on the process of choosing a new pension program if we would ever do so. This would be kept on file and would keep us from having a finding on our audit. Resolution #3 of 2020 (Procedure for procurement of professional services) was read by Sanders. Motion by Sanders to adopt resolution, 2nd by Dietrich. All agreed.

Randy brought up a concern about auditing.  Joe Bails works during the day and will not be available to do the audits at that time.  He is concerned that there will be no one available to ask questions to if it is done during the evening or weekend.  Pam will check to make sure Marissa can be available in case of questions. 

Glenn Crouse asked question about who should be making decisions on insurance.  The auditors don’t determine the health insurance, just the salary. 

Dave Franz is the President of the Citizen’s Library board.  He asked if an increase in the township contribution would be possible and would also like to thank the township for contributing over the years.

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills, 2nd by Dietrich, all agreed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto, Secretary