Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – November 19, 2019

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting. Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Doug Smith and Dave Dietrich. Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:32 P.M. Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Dietrich had one correction. Dietrich inspected the township roads after the seismic testing was completed and found there was only one area of very minimal road damage that he found on Robb Ridge Road where the overweight vehicle turned around and is not an issue. The road bond can be released. Motion by Sanders, second by Dietrich to approve the minutes with the one correction. All agreed.

In old business, regarding the two UPMC Health plan options, Smith previously asked if the No Out of Network Plan choice would permit an Out of Network doctor if the patients Primary Care Physician recommended that out of network doctor. David Franz relayed info to Secretary Lesnock, that the Primary Care Physician would know which physicians are out of network and would not recommend them, knowing they are not permitted within the plan. However, if the patient is out of the area and had an emergency, an out of network provider would be covered due to the emergency. Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to accept the No out of Network option of UPMC Health plan as the lowest premium cost option. All agreed.

The car owned by the family of David Watt is still on township property. Dietrich will ask them to move it one more time and if it is not removed, township will send a letter to the Watts.

El Grande has not yet been able to begin work on the backside of Weir Cole Road. It may not happen until 2020.

Dietrich stated he spoke again with Nathan Voytek of the Redevelopment Authority about the grant project on Weir Cole Road. Voytek now said that the township needs to collect the resident surveys from that portion of Weir Cole Road prior to having an engineering study completed to make sure the road qualifies for the grant.

The work on separating the bays of the salt/cinder building are well underway. The Seismic Operation Agreement that was tabled during the meeting of November 511′ was brought up again. Motion by Dietrich, second by Sanders to use the Seismic Operation Agreement suggested by Solicitor Hook for any future seismic testing conducted in Morris Township. All agreed.

Regarding the three applicants interested in the Secretary/Treasurer position for 2020. Secretary Lesnock indicated she had all three women come into the office and reviewed the duties and responsibilities with each of them. Rob Sanders stated for the record, Jodi Orbin is his fiance. Pam Bartolotto and Michelle Wilson are the other applicants. After some discussion, Smith stated he believes that Pam Bartolotto will be the best candidate for the position, has office management skills, and that she came to a previous township meeting to convey her interest in the position. Secretary Lesnock is to ask Bartolotto if she will be available to work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. with the possibility of some hours on Wednesday. It was noted that Marissa King, currently serving as a temporary clerk along with her tax collector duties, would be available to work some clerical hours on Wednesday, should she be needed. Her duties as tax collector would not overlap with any clerical duties. Monday the office would be closed. Hours would be designated on the township door glass. If all this is acceptable, action can be taken at the next meeting.

Regarding the old V snow plow the Supervisors voted to donate to a private individual during last meeting. Secretary Lesnock stated that township items of value cannot be given away and a procedure must be followed if they are sold. Sanders stated that the individual did not come to pick it up yet, and that he would contact him about this. The value of the plow is unknown, and the township should at least find out what the scrap value is. Discussion ensued.

In new business, Sanders brought up the fact that the employee handbook did not address Road Masters or Road Foreman that are full time employees as being treated equally regarding vacation time. For more than 20 years, the position has been treated equally. Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to amend employee handbook to state that Road Master as full time employees receive 160 hours of vacation. All agreed.

The residents of the Village of Prosperity with road frontage through the Village, have paid a streetlight tax for many decades. The current tax rate per vacant and occupied road frontage footage, covers just over half of the cost of the streetlights. The township general fund covers the rest of the streetlights cost. It is noted that the streetlights benefit more people than just the township residents that currently pay the streetlight tax. Therefore, since the township has the means to pay for the streetlights, a motion by Sanders and a second by Smith to rescind the current streetlight tax beginning in 2020. Dietrich agreed. As of 2020, the streetlight tax is abolished.

Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to tentatively adopt the 2020 proposed budget with no increase in township tax. It is so noted that no streetlight tax will be included in the 2020 proposed budget due to the streetlight tax being rescinded. The tentatively approved 2020 proposed budget will be presented for adoption during the December 171h Supervisors meeting.

The township has been renting tanks from Bottled Gas Service for many years and Sanders indicated the township can save money by purchasing tanks. Sanders spoke with a Welding Equipment Company and the township can buy 2 medium tanks for $250.00 each with a $150.00 cart. They are then exchanged for new ones when they need refilled. Discussion ensued.

Sanders spoke of the need to rehire Jim Wilson as a temporary employee in order to repair the extensive road slip on Lemon Hill. Motion by Sanders, second by Smith to hire Jim Wilson has temporary employee at $25.00 per hour to help fix Lemon Hill slip and possibly Minton Run slip. All agreed. Crew will speak with Mrs. Koehler and Glen Crouse about accessing slip from their property. Dietrich met with Tom Gottschalk about the sound issues from the gas well site on his brother Ron Gottsch a I ks farm. Tlie.sound meter never went up to 65 DB.

Motion by Sanders, second by Dietrich to review and pay bills. Motion by Sanders second by Smith to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Lesnock, Secretary