Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2020

The Board of Supervisors of Morris Township met for their regular meeting at the municipal building.

The Corona Virus is still affecting how things operate. Chairs were placed six feet apart. Meeting was called to order at 7:32 pm.   Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders & Dave Dietrich, Zoning officer Bob Sanders, Jason Henry from Greer Limestone, Glenn Crouse.  Supervisor Doug Smith arrived at 7:35. 

Motion by Sanders to accept minutes from April 7 meeting.  Second by Smith.  All approved.

In old business, driveway to schoolhouse has been paved.  Gene Crouch is mowing the park.  Clean up day is scheduled for June 6 from 7-4.  Jeff Mooney is back to work.  New mailbox okayed by the post office.  Chuck Conaway is back to work for the season.  El Grande has paved the lower end of Weir Cole but came up short of blacktop.

New business: PSATS Convention for 2020 has been cancelled.  Sanders has paid for the registration, will be reimbursed.

Williams Tree Service has trimmed trees on Pie Ridge, Weir Cole and Minton Run Roads.

Vision Insurance for road workers is up for renewal with no change of cost.  Sanders made motion to renew vision insurance as is.  Second by Dietrich.  All agreed.

The Harrisons, who live on Minton Run Road, need to pull a trailer in to live in while their house is being repaired.  It has been damaged by undermining.  Motion by Sanders to allow them to pull the trailer in without building permit until home is repaired.  When house is fixed, trailer must be removed. Second by Smith. All agreed.

Discussion on how to handle Jeff’s return with sick/vacation days, rate of pay.  It was determined that he will be back as if there was no time lost.  same pay, seniority, all sick and vacation days that were paid for are already used and will start fresh next year. He will only retain days that have not already been paid for.

Bids were opened.  Bids for stone, per ton, were as follows.  Greer Limestone, #8 $26.50, #57 $22.70, #67 $22.70, 2A $18.75, #4 $21.00, 1 AASHTO $21.00, R4 $26.25, R5 $27.40, R6 $28.75.    Hanson, #8 $36.08, #57 $25.83, 2A $23.33, #4 $25.83, 1 AASHTO $25.83, R4 $27.83, R5 $31.83, R6 $32.83.   Motion By Dietrich to award bid to Greer, Second by Sanders, all agreed.

One bid for Asphalt was Hanson Aggregates, 9 ½ mm $60.00, 19 mm $ $54.00.  Motion by Sander to accept bid, second by Dietrich. All agreed.

Oil bids were, per gallon, by Suit Kote E3, $1.83, E5 $2.02, NC70 $2.85.  Russell Standard, E3 $1.87, E5 $2.08, NC70 $2.95.  Midland Asphalt, E3 $1.88, E5 $2.07, NC70 $2.84.  Youngblood Paving, E3 $2.19, E5 $2.75, NC70 $3.57.   Motion by Sanders to accept Suit Kote’s bid for E3 & E5 and Midland’s bid for NC70.  Second by Dietrich, all agreed. 

Bob Metz called to alert the township that he has been having issues with the Equitrans operation across from his house making noise at all hours. Smith spoke with Barry Martin who said that he thought they were operating all through the night for a couple of weeks and making a lot of noise. Metz complained of log grinding and back up beepers at all hours.  Dietrich was there twice with the sound meter and it did not get above 51.8 during the day and the township was not aware of the night operations.

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills, second by Dietrich. All agreed.
Motion to adjourn at 8:25 by Sanders, second by Dietrich. All agreed.