Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2021

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting at the Municipal Building.

Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders and Doug Smith, Zoning officer Bob Sanders, Dusty Stockdale, Karen Shaw, Greg Dunn, Dave & Grace Watt, Sam Bartolotto, Aileen Smith, Tim Hamilton, Randy Hamilton.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm.  Motion by Smith to accept the minutes from the May 4 meeting as written. Second by Sanders.

Roadmaster report given.

In old business: Regarding the FCC complaint, Smith received two calls from Verizon that said basically the same thing, that all of Prosperity should have fiber optics installed completely by the end of next year.  His concern is that the lines will be left on the poles and not run to the houses. He is waiting on a call from their engineer. He has not received a call back from Clear Fiber yet.  Smith also spoke to Diane Irey-Vaughan and is waiting on more info to pass along.

Smith is waiting for a call on info on getting lights on the utility poles so the township can put up Christmas lights.  

Discussion on the letter from Solicitor Hook on vacating the subdivision ordinance.   Since Washington County does not have a subdivision ordinance, Morris needs to have their own ordinance to protect our residents.  Both supervisors present disagree with getting rid of the ordinance so the discussion will need to go no further.

Sanders brought up the community picnic suggested by Laura Watt at a previous meeting.  The date of August 21 was brought up as a date to have one.  Discussion on food and entertainment.  Dave Watt will help with the coordination of the entertainment.

No new business.

Dusty asked about walking trail progress.  Cost and planning was discussed briefly.  

Randy asked about the status of the Jim Watson complaint.  Smith spoke with him and he was supposed to be in contact but has not as of yet.  Smith will reach out again and ask him to come to the next meeting.

Motion to review and pay bills by Smith, second by Sanders.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17.