Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – May 1, 2018

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors Dave Dietrich, Rob Sanders, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Planning Commission member Randy Hamilton, Zoning Board member Dusty Stockdale, Car Sanders, Greene County Regional Police Department Capt. Will DeForte and Chief Zach Sams.

Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and corrected. Rob was added to Sanders in the third paragraph to indicate which Sanders made the comment.  Motion by Sanders, second by Dietrich to approve minutes as corrected. 

In old business, Chief Zach Sams and Capt. Will DeForte introduced themselves to the attendees of the Supervisors meeting.  Capt. DeFort stated that both have been with the Police Department since 2016 but were recently promoted to their current positions.  They are aware of the issues of Morris Township of Washington County but, are currently are a bit short handed.  The Department is in the process of swearing in three additional officers.  They are planning to be more spread out and more visible and stated that 12 hours a day, seven days a week, when they are patrolling Morris of Greene, they can still respond to Morris Township Washington County, if the need arises. Capt. DeForte stated that Morris of Washington would get more than the 24 hours per week the township is paying for. Hamilton questioned if that was more like a retainer and less like contracted services and felt the officers still need to give Morris a breakdown of the citations issued and what they spent their time on in Morris Township.  Officers stated they would like to offer firearm safety training program to the residents of Morris of Washington. Smith felt a concealed carry class would be beneficial. Much discussion ensued.

There was one sealed bid for #8 washed limestone and #67 washed limestone from Greer Industries.  #8 bid was $26.00 per ton and #67 was $21.00 per ton.  Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to accept Greer Industries bid for #8 and #67 washed limestone.  All agreed.

Township received a letter from the Morris Township Election Board indicating their displeasure of the Supervisors requesting to have the polling place moved from the Upper Ten Mile Church to the new municipal building.  They indicated they felt disrespected that the Supervisors did not consult with them over this issue and felt safe at their current location.  Smith said he did tell Susan at the last election the boards intentions but acknowledge the election board was not asked how they felt about such a move.  After some discussion, a letter will be sent to the board of elections from the Supervisors apologizing for the unintended slight and asking them to attend the first meeting in June to discuss this issue with the Supervisors.  Also, Supervisors discussed the issue of not having a current Constable that would be present during the entire election day. 

Regarding the dilapidated Hathaway property, smith felt it was the duty of the township to carry through with the demolition of the property and to place a lien on the property.  Carl Sanders disagreed that a lien would benefit the township in getting their money back.  Rob Sanders said after placing a lien on the property, the township could force a sheriff sale to get the township’s money back.  Carl felt the Supervisors need to decide.   Motion by Rob Sanders to move forward with the demolition, second by Smith.  All agreed.  Carl Sanders let it be known that he was not happy with that decision.  Bob Sanders asked about bidding the project out.  Rob Sanders stated that it was known that it would have to be bid out. Hook will have to write notice to Hathaway’s. 

Advertise for another employee policy handbook workshop on Wednesday May 16 at 9:00 A.M. Discussed cleaning duties and will talk more on that later.  Smith will give Hook a copy of the Conditional Use/Planning/Zoning applications for review.  Hamilton said that he is finished working on them regardless how Hook feels about them.

In new business, secretary will bill V.F.D. for ½ utilities from 2017 and V.F.D. will pay for all 2018 utilities. Hook still working on Deed for property transfer from Township to V.F.D.

Motion by Dietrich, second by Sanders to review and pay bills. Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 9:18 P.M.   

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary