Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2021

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting at the municipal building.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning officer Bob Sanders, Marissa King, Greg Dunn, Randy Hamilton, Tim Hamilton, Dusty Stockdale, Patrick & Michaela Bracey, George Bracey.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30.

Motion by Smith to accept the minutes from February 16 meeting as written. Second by Dietrich.

Smith added that his opinion on the Range matter is that he doesn’t think Range should use the water from the Strawn impoundment for anything other than wells in Morris Township. 

In old business: Smith went did a quick recap on new insurance and the walking trail. Attorney Bill Hook will be present for the next meeting.   Discussion on response from CNX about concerns voiced by Dale Leech about vacant houses neighboring his property.  The CNX rep said they have been doing what was asked of them as far as upkeep and may be putting them up for sale.  Dale was sent a letter with the response. 

In new business: Patrick Bracey is having a small amount of logging done on his property.  The Amish outfit that is doing it doesn’t know if they can get bonding from their insurance company in PA.  Patrick asked if he could put up the bonding amount if the loggers could not get a policy.   Smith and Dietrich said they would be ok with that if it becomes necessary but that it is really the responsibility of the company, not the property owner. 

Smith stated that he thought Range used the Strawn impoundment to get water to the Kingston pad in Amity and that is out of compliance in his opinion and will be again if they use it for Dille.  Representatives from Range Resources  will be present at the next meeting.

Smith suggested buying a mower and doing the park mowing inhouse instead of paying an outside company to do it.  Discussion on the price and upkeep of mowers.  Smith will get some prices to present at a future meeting.

Smith brought up the idea of setting up a good citizen award, using Samantha Zoeller and her organization Grandma’s Lap.  They make lap blankets for patients with kidney disease to use when they are getting dialysis.  Discussion was favorable to the idea.   Pam will look up some certificate ideas.

Motion to review and pay bills by Smith, second by Sanders.

Meeting adjourned at 8:26pm

Respectfully submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto/Secretary