Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2020

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met for their regular scheduled meeting at the municipal building.   Present were supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich and Doug Smith, zoning officer Bob Sanders, Glenn Crouse, Bruce Livingood, Kathleen Koehler, Mike Verner, Randy Hamilton, Tim Hamilton.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30.   Motion by Sanders to accept minutes from last meeting as read with correction to spelling of one name.  All agreed

In old business: Clean up day went well. Dumpsters are completely full.

We’re still getting estimates on CPA audit. 

Walking trail grant, we’re still waiting on information.  Smith stated that he was in favor of the walking trail but if we have to put money into it, that changes his opinion.   Sanders stated he thinks most of our portion will be in kind. The details are still being worked out.  We haven’t spoken to anyone yet on the moving of the Veterans’ Memorial.  Spoke of advertising at the store, the post office, the web site to get opinions from residents about veterans’ memorial.

The Bell’s Lake project is out for bids.  Bids will be opened on July 7.

Bruce Livingood spoke of communications tower in Morris Twp. Green County.

They approached Bruce about a tower on his property.  He had a conditional use variance in 2010 or 11 approved and wondered if it was still good if it were still good.    It was decided that the variance is still in effect.   There was also further discussion on the temporary structures for Poleset.    It was decided that we should allow the buildings without permitting so that they can continue business in the township.

Randy Hamilton requested a list of the township equipment. 

There was a discussion on the monument and how it is set.

In new business: Kathleen Koehler/Mike Verner were present to discuss the water issues on their property.   Kathleen stated that the Lemon Hill slip was the start of the problems.  They had that repaired, when the township repaired the slip, the ground moved again and the collection area was covered so now the water is not making it down to the house.  She stated that when they originally did the walk about, she said they might need help if they had further problems. There is another spring that is not built up, but can be established for their use.  Koehler’s request is to get estimates and see if the township can help out.  Smith stated that he doesn’t know what the township’s liability is but would like to see them helped out.  Sanders stated that technically, it was their property slipping that made the road repair necessary but still, would is not opposed to helping out.  The plan would be to use the other spring with existing pipe, possibly getting a holding tank and pumping it to the house.   Sanders suggested that they get a few bids and discuss it again.

Autumn and Garrett Elliott are having an issue with gray water in their basement from the original water line installation from years ago.  They called the DEP and were told to take it to the township supervisors.   After much discussion, it was decided that they township should not get involved.  PA American owns the lines now, they were installed by Paris for Consol so nobody is sure who would be responsible at this point.

Pam had some waiver forms from the insurance company for the kids playing baseball on the field.  Discussion on when they would be necessary.    Will discuss again if it starts getting larger.

Discussion on restroom grants. There is paperwork to be signed by the solicitor. He is requesting a letter signed by the supervisors stating that there is no gas line running through the property.

PLGIT CD rates were presented.  Motion made by Sanders so purchase a 90 day CD for $150,000. 2nd by Smith.  All agreed.

Discussion on internet, fiber lines in township.  It is becoming necessary to have access now that people are having to work/school from home.  A request was made to the county to get a share of the Cares Act funds to further internet access for our township.

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills, 2nd by Dietrich.  All agreed.

Motion to adjourn by Sanders, 2nd by Smith.   Meeting adjourned at 8:45.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto/Secretary