Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – June 15, 2021

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met for their regular meeting at the Municipal Building.   Attending were Supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Sam Bartolotto, Dave & Laura Watt, Karen Shaw, Greg Dunn, Jim & Lauren Watson, Dusty Stockdale, Randy Hamilton. 

Meeting followed advertised Conditional Use hearing, so it started a bit early at 7:25.

Motion by Smith to accept the minutes from the June 1 meeting as written.  2nd by Sanders. All agreed.

In old business: Jim & Lauren Watson were present at the meeting to discuss their excavating business and the process of the conditional use hearing to follow Morris Township ordinances.

Smith explained the process.  Pam will forward application to the Watsons.

There will be meeting with the Washington County Food Bank on Wednesday to go over logistics for the distribution in July.

Community picnic was discussed.  It will be on August 21 at the park from 11-8:00. 

Randy brought up water truck traffic on Pie Ridge.  Dave will call and check on it. He said that Range will be having road work done on Pie Ridge starting next week.  They have finished seeding and mulching at the Castro well site.

Tar and chipping will begin in the township next week.

In new business:   Dave Watt brought up a problem Mary Allison is having with the cover that is in the alley beside her house.  They were told Alex Paris is supposed to be fixing it.  Past issues seem to have been bounced back and forth between Consol and Alex Paris.   Sanders will check with Consol.

Randy suggested that the township advertise that wifi is available at the park.  It is not set up yet but Pam will post it when it is ready to use.

Motion to review and pay bills by Smith.  2nd by Dietrich.  All agreed.

Meeting adjourned 7:52pm