Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – July 7, 2020

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors held their regular scheduled meeting at the Municipal Building.  Present were supervisors Rob Sanders, Dave Dietrich and Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Randy Hamilton, Tim Hamilton, Glenn Crouse, John Cole, Mike Verner, Kathleen Koehler.

Meeting was called to order at 7:30. Correction suggested to minutes from last meeting to add about veterans’ memorial stone to the request for resident comments on changing location.  Also to add noon to the opening of bids, which was left off.  Motion by Sanders to accept minutes with that change.  Second by Dietrich. All agreed.

Bids for Bells Lake Asphalt Project were opened at noon, they were as follows for one mile of road:

El Grande: $49,387.80
Ligonier Construction: $45,853.50
Morgan Excavating: $47,124.00
E. American Inc: $44,587.62   *Low bid* Motion by Sanders to accept, 2nd by Smith.  All agreed.

In old business, nothing heard yet on the cell tower.

The Weir Cole road project is still in the hands of the county.  We’re waiting for them to bid it out. The grant covers $50,000 of the project cost.

Koehler/Verner are in the process of getting bids for their spring restoration.  Will bring list when complete.   Smith discussed our liability with Solicitor Bill Hook.   He suggested our help be in labor, not monetary.

Use of the baseball field was discussed.  We were originally told that there would only be a few kids playing around for practice.  Now, it appears that there may be actual teams and games being planned. Will need to find out Bob McAnallen’s plans for using it and proceed with waivers/insurance policies if necessary.     

The Restroom grant was discussed.  The engineer is in the process of downloading documents necessary to proceed.

90 day CD was purchased with $150,000 of Act 13 Funds. 

In new business: John Cole asked about giving property to his kids. The surveyor told him he’ll have to have a sewage module to subdivide.  Randy gave state regulations, Doug also discussed his experience.  John will be looking into it further. 

Pam requested an update to the Quickbooks program to modify it to suit the municipal auditing standard at $750.  This will help with the cost of the annual audit when a CPA is hired.   Motion by Sanders to hire the expert to do the update, 2nd by Dietrich.

All agreed to go ahead and advertise the intention to move the Veterans’ monument. We will ask for the opinion of residents and discuss it again at the July 21 meeting.  Notices will be put at the post office, the store, the web site and the Prosperity facebook page. 

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills.  2nd by Smith.

Motion by Sanders to adjourn at 8:40.  2nd by Smith.  All agreed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto/Secretary