Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – January 4, 2016

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting. Present were Supervisors Doug Smith, Dave Dietrich, Dusty Stockdale, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders and Carl Sanders.

Chairman Smith called the meeting to order at 7:49 P.M. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and corrected. Secretary Lesnock inadvertently typed “Dry Run Road” instead of the correct “Archer Road” pertaining to the recently approved Conditional Use for Consol’s 8 North #1 Airshaft/Portal Facility. Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to approve the minutes as corrected.

On old business, Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to appoint Linda Shriver for the vacant Auditor position as Marissa King resigned to accept the Real Estate and School Tax collector position that was vacated by Susan Dunn upon her retirement. All agreed.

Carl Sanders asked if the V.F.D. had received the $50,000.00 that was allocated by Morris Township to the V.F.D. Smith indicated that the V.F.D. had received the $50,000.00 and would be receiving 6% of whatever the township will receive during 2016 from the Act 13 Impact Fee.

Discussion ensued over the new assessed value residents will be receiving on their property and how the township will have to deal with adjusting our current tax millage rate for 2017.

Smith stated that he still needs to talk with someone at Pa American Water concerning water line.

Dietrich discussed the possibility of relocating the building on the current building lot. He and Stockdale along with Lesnock met with Sam Bracey and Nathan Voytek at the site. A cost will be worked up by RSH for site services, etc.. Stockdale stated that if it wasn’t over $10,000.00 he would be more in favor of moving the building. However, if it was over that amount then he would have to think about it. Smith tabled the issue until we have a cost estimate back from RSH. Then a decision can be made.

Dietrich stated that the Massey Ferguson tractor was ordered on State Contract through Walsh.

Secretary called Mike Verner in regards to finishing the township website. Lesnock waiting on reply.

The state changed the mileage reimbursement rate to .54 cents per mile. Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich agreeing to the newly established 2016 mileage reimbursement rate. All agreed.

In new business, secretary will get keys made for the new township door and distribute them to those authorized to have the keys.

Motion by Smith, second by Stockdale to review and pay bills. Motion by Stockdale, second by Smith to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:56 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary