Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – January 2, 2018

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the Municipal Board Room for their regular scheduled meeting.  Present were Supervisors Rob Sanders, David Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Randy Hamilton, Dusty Stockdale, Carl Sanders and Jeff Mooney. 

Chairman Sanders called the meeting to order at 7:46 P.M.  Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved with Pegg Smith’s name spelling corrected.

In old business, Weir Cole Road will be opened by the contractor working on the bridge replacement at the intersection of Plum Sock Road and Weir Cole Road.  All equipment has been moved and another stop light is on sight but not activated yet.

Lesnock dropped of Resolution #4 of 2017 to the Washington County Planning Commission for their review that pertains to the curative amendment process.  The hearing date for the curative amendment is scheduled for February 6.

Solicitor Hook will send the township a holding tank agreement to review.

Dietrich stated the township radio is installed and we are waiting for our FCC license renewal. He believes that antenna needs raised higher. The new FCC license will be good for 10 years.

Secretary waiting for response from Zoning Hearing Board attorney to see when to hold hearing pertaining to Doug Stockdale’s request for Zoning Setback variance.

Sanders received a quote for a new 4000 psi steam jenny.  It is $2,695.00.  They can run anywhere between 2 and 4 thousand dollars.  Dietrich doesn’t see the need to go for the expensive units. Smith stated that he will pass on this for now.  He wants to see specs, etc.  He stated he’s not against it but wonders to what extent the township needs to clean the frame and engine.  Sanders concerned about the build up of tar and debris on the body and frame.  Dietrich feels it is long overdue to be able to adequately clean the trucks to better maintain the trucks.  Mooney provided information from a catalog on the steam jenny to review. After much discussion, motion by Sanders, second by Dietrich to purchase the steam jenny for $2,695.00.  Smith agreed.

Pertaining to the previous request by Morris Township to Penn DOT for a convex mirror to be permitted for installation at the intersection of Sparta Road and Prosperity Pike within village of Prosperity, Penn DOT responded by letter denying the townships request.  Penn DOT does not permit convex mirrors within their right of way. 

Secretary Lesnock will send township road map to McGuffey Transportation Director Mary Lee Shingle. 

Supervisors agreed to get a quote for flood insurance even though neither township building is within a flood zone, but they do each border a flood zone.  Also, secretary will notify Solicitor Hook that the correct name for the legal paperwork to transfer ownership of the former municipal building to the Morris Township V.F.D.

Someone needs to stop to see if the Vietnam Memorial has been engraved with the names of Roy Anderson and Clark Miller.

The township can add an optional line of duty death benefit to the VFD policy for additional $80.00 premium per year. Motion by Smith, second by Sanders to add Line of Duty Accidental Death benefit to V.F.D. policy. All agreed.

Hamilton suggested that a supervisor contact Magistrate Ethan Ward and let him know his 15 MPH grace in the speed limit is ridiculous.  Smith said he will call Ward.  Dietrich suggested that Chairman Sanders contact Ward.  Discussion ensued.

In new business. Jeff Mooney stated that it currently takes 10 years of employment to obtain 3 weeks of vacation, while after 2 years an employee can obtain 2 weeks of vacation.  He has completed 7 years of employment and requested that be enough to qualify for a third week.  Motion by Sanders, second by Smith to approve a third week of vacation after 7 years of employment.  Dietrich agreed.  Motion by Smith, second by Sanders to increase Mooney’s hourly wage by 3% to $21.63. All agreed.  Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich to increase Secretary Lesnock’s hourly wage by 3% to $20.60 per hour.  Also, Lesnock can be paid for up to 35 hours per week as there are a lot of paperwork in storage to sort through. Comp time is still available. All agreed.

Motion by Dietrich, second by Sanders to review and pay bills.  Motion by Dietrich, second by Sanders to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:54 P.M.  

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary