Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – January 19, 2016

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting. Present were Supervisors Dave Dietrich, Dusty Stockdale, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Planning Commission member Randy Hamilton, Carl Sanders, Rob Sanders and Jeff Mooney.

Chairman Smith called the meeting to order at 7:34 P.M. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and corrected. The correction is as follows. Secretary inadvertently stated that Linda Shriver agreed to be appointed Auditor to replace Marissa King. However, Linda Shriver declined to be appointed and Marlyn Dorsey agreed to be appointed Auditor to replace Marissa King. Motion by Dietrich to retract Linda Shriver as auditor and appoint Marlyn Dorsey as appointed auditor to replace Marissa King. Second by Smith. The term will be until the next municipal election takes place in 2018. All agreed.

In old business, Matt Ruckle of Consol told Secretary Lesnock that Pa American Water decided that a pressure regulator is not a requirement to run the water line to the intersection of Plum Sock and Prosperity Pike. Therefore, it is still a possibility. Discussion ensued.

RSH sent a proposal of $20,600.00 to redraw the site plans and resituate the building on the site plans. Smith felt he would need to know a time frame before deciding on that proposal. Dietrich stated he would rather see the building on the second ball field. Smith stated he would not agree to that. Stockdale and Smith not will to wait another year if new plans will extend building time frame. Smith felt he may agree to reposition the building on the current first ballfield if it could possibly be done this year. Stockdale felt we may just need to have the building moved perpendicular to its current site. Will wait until next meeting to make decision on redrawing site and building location plans. Hamilton felt strongly that until the building is decided upon, a true budget for the township is not known. Discussion ensued.

Dietrich stated that he is very pleased with Bill Hook as our Township Solicitor. Dietrich will go over the details needed in the road closure agreement. He feels it is imperative to include all items of the road improvements and road construction in the agreement. Supervisors will review the conditional use approval that was sent by Solicitor Hook. Dietrich feels CNX needs to sign part of the agreement pertaining to the construction of the bypass road.

Kathleen Seabright of Claysville requested to use a baseball field for a girls fast pitch softball team practice. The girls are age 14 and under and there will not be any games played on the field. The team has insurance and they would like to begin practicing in March, depending on the weather. Motion by Dietrich, second by Stockdale to approve field usage as long as it doesn’t interfere with the park rentals and they provide a copy of their insurance to the township. Smith said we need their actual address.

Robert Sanders requested a raise from the board. He currently makes $16.00 per hour and requested a $2.00 per hour raise as he has his CDL and experience working for another township. He stated he is an asset to the township, lives nearby and is self-motivated. Dietrich indicated that Sanders is a valued employee and agrees with his pay request. Motion by Smith, second by Dietrich for Sanders wage to be $18.00 per hour, retroactive to January 3, 2016. Stockdale also stated that Rob Sanders can take 1 week vacation sometime within his first year of employment with the permission of the road foreman. Jeff Mooney requested a $1.00 per hour raise and his hourly rate would be $20.25 per hour. Dietrich stated that the crew works extremely well together and each one is an asset to the township. Motion by Stockdale, second by Dietrich to approve Mooney’s pay increase of $1.00 per hour. Wage now $20.25 per hour. Retroactive to January 3, 2016.Motion by Stockale, second by Dietrich to increase Zoning Officer Bob Sanders monthly Zoning Officer pay from $100.00 per month to $125.00 per month. Motion by Stockdale, second by Dietrich to increase Secretary Lesnock’s hourly rate from $18.50 per hour to $20.00 per hour. Secretary has been with township 26 years and currently works up to 30 hours per week.

Motion by Stockdale, second by Dietrich to review and pay bills. Motion by Smith, second by Stockdale to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 9:44 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Kathy Lesnock, Secretary