Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – December 15, 2020

The Supervisors of Morris Township held their regular scheduled meeting at 7:30 at the municipal building. Present were Supervisors Dave Dietrich & Rob Sanders, Gregg Dunn, Marissa King, Tim & Randy Hamilton, Aileen Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders.

Meeting called to order at 7:32

Motion by Sanders to accept minutes from Dec. 1 meeting as read.

Waiting for Smith to discuss old business.  Smith arrived at 7:36.

On the topic of the walking trail grant, we have not moved forward yet. We need to have a conference call with the DCNR before it can be officially awarded.   The cost of doing the trail is going to be around $40,000 whether we do it with or without the grant.  We will be able to add a few more things if we use the grant funds, such as handicap accessible fishing docks and a covered bridge.  Randy suggested getting input from the community about how they feel about it. Marissa stated she is in favor and has spoken to others who are as well.  She will post on the community page to get feedback.  Sanders stated we will also be asking for donations from Range, Consol and companies that are working in the area.  Smith stated that he is against spending that much money but if we could get some donations, he would be more in favor. 

Smith asked why we don’t have the resolution moving back to one roadmaster.  That was done in October.  Pam will make him another copy for his records.

New business: 

Motion by Sanders to adopt Resolution #4 for 2020, tax rate for 2021 stays the same as 2020, .730 mills.

Second by Dietrich.  All agreed.

Motion by Sanders to adopt Resolution #5, adopting the 2021 budget as presented.  Second by Dietrich. All agreed.

Motion by Sanders to appoint the CPA firm of William T Grimm & Associates to do the 2020 Municipal Audit.  Second by Dietrich,  All agreed.

Dietrich read a notice from Range about moving the Pioneer 78 Rig from a pad in Beaver County to the Castro pad In Morris Twp to do an additional five wells, starting Wed. Dec 16.

Also read a request from Range to use the Strawn Impound to pipe water to frack LL Day in Amwell Twp.

Read explanation of the truck traffic and time frame. Smith is not opposed since the lines are already in place.  Discussion on whether to allow a one time exception.  Dietrich will ask a representative from Range to come to the next meeting to answer any questions.

Marissa King asked for approval for a 2% increase in the tax collector commission.  It was approved four years ago but the deadline for the resolution was missed. This will increase tax collector pay from approximately $3,000 to $5,000 per year.  Motion by Smith to have the solicitor write the resolution for an increase from 3% to 5%, second by Sanders.  All agreed.  It will be written and made before the Feb. 15 deadline for an increase starting in 2022 after the next election.

Discussion about raising the Supervisors meeting rate.  If an increase is made, it will take effect for the next supervisor elected in 2021 for service in 2022.  Motion by Sanders to increase meeting pay from $40 to $50.  Second by Smith. All agreed.

Pam requested that everyone start thinking about who will fill the empty seat on the zoning hearing board and who can be on the vacancy board.  We will need to make appointments at the reorganization meeting on January 4.   Randy stated that Ryan Coffield may be interested in the Zoning Hearing Board.

Motion by Sanders to review and pay bills.  Second by Dietrich.  All agreed.

Meeting adjourned 8:32

Respectfully Submitted,
Pamela Bartolotto, Secretary