Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2021

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met for their regular meeting at the Morris Township Municipal Building.   Meeting called to order at 7:30.  Present were Supervisors Dave Dietrich, Rob Sanders & Doug Smith,  Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Magisterial Candidate Scott Bernett, Marissa King, Dusty Stockdale, Bruce Livingood, Donegal Township Supervisor Ed Shingle, Greg Dunn, Aileen Smith, Tim Hamilton, Randy Hamilton, Dave & Laura Watt, Patrick Bracey and a representative  from Greer Limestone Co.

Motion by Smith to accept minutes from pervious meeting as written. Second by Sanders, all agreed. 

Magisterial District Justice Candidate Scott Bernett gave an introduction and answered a few questions.

Ed Shingle gave a short explanation as to why Donegal Township moved to five supervisors and then back to three.  A petition is being created by a resident to see if the township is interested in adding supervisors.  If filed with enough signatures, the question will go on the ballot in November.

Bids for stone, emulsions and asphalt were opened at 7:45.  Low bids for stone were split.

Greer was awarded the contract for #8 washed @ $21.20, #57 @ $20.00, #67 @ $20.00, 2A @ $17.00, #4 @ $19.50 and AASHTO #1 @ $18.50(motion by Sanders, 2nd by Smith).  R4 @ $22.50, R5 @ $23.50 and R6 @ $24.50 were awarded to Laurel Aggregates(Motion by Sanders, 2nd by Smith).  Asphalt bid was awarded to Hanson Aggregates for 9.5mm @ $60/ton and 19mm @ $54/ton(Motion by Sanders, 2nd by Dietrich). Emulsions E3 @ $1.76, E5 @ $1.963 and MC70 @ $.90 were awarded to Suit-Kote(motion by Dietrich, 2nd by Smith). 

Road Masters Report was read.   Motion by Smith to accept Monument moving quote from D Moore & Son for $1,300 after it is looked over by solicitor, second by Dietrich. All agreed.

Discussion about internet lines filing a complaint with the PUC/FCC compliance.   Bruce Livingood explained infrastructure bills and how the money was not used as it was supposed to be to benefit rural customers.  Josh Kail will be at Poleset on April 13th and available to answer questions.  Ed Shingle suggested calling McGuffey as they had a committee set up for this topic.  There was also discussion on the request to put up Christmas lights.  Smith will look into that.

A meeting with Range on the roads was discussed.  They explained their process of fixing the roads that are damaged from their traffic.  Dave has them up to date on what roads need addressed.

Washington County is updating their Hazard Mitigation Plan and is asking municipalities to participate.  Dave will attend a webinar this month to get some information about that.

The Planning Commission will meet next week to hear a subdivision request and a request from Consol. 

There was discussion on whether requests need to go before the Planning Commission or the Zoning Hearing Board.

Motion by Smith to review and pay bills. Second by Dietrich.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00.