Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes – April 4, 2017

The Morris Township Board of Supervisors met at the township office for their regular scheduled meeting. Present were Supervisors David Stockdale, Dave Dietrich, Doug Smith, Zoning Officer Bob Sanders, Planning Commission member Randy Hamilton, Road Crew employee Rob Sanders, and Steve Dragan.

Chairman Stockdale called the meeting to order at 7:32 P.M. Minutes of the previous meeting were read. Motion by Stockdale, second by Smith to approve the minutes as read. The financial report was made available for

Chairman Stockdale went into new business first. Steve Dragan owns a billboard advertising company and he is
interested in leasing land from a resident of Morris Township to erect his billboard and the dimension of the
billboard is 6’high by 12’wide, erected on 4×4 posts or 6×6 posts. The billboards can be stacked two billboards high. Dragan stated that it offers an affordable option to other forms of advertising that are more expensive. The Morris Township Zoning Ordinance #1 of 1973, section 304, Signs:, states “No sign, billboard, or graphic display shall be permitted in any district except as herein provided. Section 304.1, 304.2, 304.3, 304.4, a,b,c,d., all deal with signs. Randy Hamilton stated that 304.4, a., clearly dealt with the billboard sign issue. “Signs shall not contain information or advertising for any product not sold on the premises.” Smith felt that a billboard would not be an asset to Morris Township. Smith told Mr. Dragan that if he wished to pursue the ability to erect a billboard in Morris Township, he would have to request a variance through the Morris Zoning Hearing Board.

In old business, Solicitor Hook will speak with Nathan Voytek directly concerning the construction contracts that Hook has been reviewing. Also, motion by Smith, second by Stockdale to approve drop ceiling change order.

Morris Township was informed that Larry Baumiller is no longer the attorney for Consol. Secretary to contact
Blaine Lucas of Babst Calland concerning the road closure agreement and deed of dedication for bypass road.

Spring Clean-Up was advertised for Saturday May 6.

Stone and Oil bids will be advertised for May 2.

Range Resources will attend a township meeting in late April to discuss applying for a new conditional use for the Strawn Impoundment.

The total bill to have Comcast extend the cable to the new construction site is $34,767.48. There would be a credit of $7,S00.00 for Morris Township, leaving the balance of $27,267.48. Supervisors will not approve that amount for Comcast service. Kathleen Koehler will investigate if Verizon has any fiber optic wire in that vicinity.

Tim Fritz submitted a bid for security cameras/system. It was determined that the township did not need that
many cameras. Tim Fritz will be asked if he can be at the construction site on Wednesday April 5 to look over
building to see how many cameras are needed.

Ryan and Grace Coffield are requesting a Zoning Hearing for a variance to place a mobile home within the flood zone. Also, Jason Rogers, contractor for Prosperity Social Hall, is requesting a Zoning Hearing that relates to a setback distance variance so that a porch roof can be construction on the side and front of the Social Hall.

Secretary to contact ZHB to find out when the hearing can be held.

Motion by Stockdale, second by Dietrich to review and pay bills. Motion by Dietrich, second by Smith to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Lesnock, Secretary